YBBA Awards Celebrates Black Excellence

We are a team of experienced self-starters and global policy professionals with expertise in politics, business and civil society. We want to play our part in preparing the next generation for the opportunities and challenges they will face in a century of increased and rapid change.

That is how the team behind the Young Black Business Awards describes itself with its main focus being on promoting the work of young black excellence, trying to facilitate career pathways and increase awareness of business development opportunities in relation to emerging industries globally.

Taking place during Global Entrepreneurship week, on the 10th of November, YBBA hosted an awards ceremony that celebrated individuals’ work from various industry branches under 11 categories:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Silas Adekunle
  2. Digital Media & Communications – Fanbytes
  3. Construction & Architecture – Selasi Setufe
  4. Financial Services & Banking
  5. Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  6. Sales & Marketing – Prisca Moyesa
  7. Business in Sports – Daniel Taylor
  8. Business in Entertainment – Vaughn McKenzie
  9. Business in Fashion & Beauty – All Shades Covered
  10. Renewable/Green Energy – Kagwe Njoroge (founder of ChargeBound)
  11. Hospitality – Crepes and Cones (Krept and Konan)

It is great to see black excellence winning and needless say, all nominees and winners deserve just as much credit.

Krept and Konan, the South London duo, have had an incredible journey. Their work has definitely paid off as this year they brought to life a dream they’ve had from early stages of their lives – Crepes and Cones, their own dessert restaurant opened in the heart of Croydon. It is amazing to see how something that started off with a tweet, as both have shared on their socials, has become real and even more, winning a Hospitality award.