Raheem Sterling Speaks Out Against Racism In The Newspapers

The only way racism can be tackled is by looking at the cause, not the symptom…

– John Barnes,  former Liverpool player

Raheem Sterling, winger and attacking midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the English national team, has recently made the headlines in UK’s press as he calls out newspapers for fuelling racism.

The professional football player was allegedly racially abused during the game against Chelsea that took place on Saturday by a Chelsea fan. Colin Wing, a fan of Chelsea’s football club for 50 years, claims he never used the word “black”, he used the word “Manc” along with some derogative comments. As a consequence, Wing lost his job and has been banned from the Chelsea games while a police investigation has started so more evidence can be provided. Other three Chelsea fans believed to being involved have been banned from the club also.

Raheem Sterling’s reaction has been praised as he is one of the few to stand up to racism. After the game, he took it to his social media account to share a post which proves there is an obvious division when it comes to the way the media portrays black players in comparison to white ones.

Liverpool legend John Barnes came on BBC Breakfast’s show to defend and congratulate Sterling for exposing racial behavior saying: “It’s not getting worse but because we didn’t hear it before, we thought it was getting better” and also added “I think Raheem should have widened it to not just talk about the perception that we have over footballers because racism is a problem in society and we can’t compartmentalise it to football”. He made a point of the fact that the only way racism can be tackled is by looking at the cause, not the symptom, which is why Raheem Sterling’s call out is very important.

To show his solidarity, Bournemouth’s player Tyrone Mings has pulled out of an interview with Talksport in protest at its coverage of the alleged racial abuse of Raheem Sterling.