Qatar World Cup to be played in winter

The World Cup comes to an end today and it’s got everyone very sad. We now know that it won’t be coming home, so, many people are looking ahead to the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

The World Cup in Qatar will be played between the 21st November to the 18th December. This is a first since the World Cup began. One big problem is that it will eat into the Premier League season and many other leagues. Key points are won between the christmas period and this could spell trouble for many sides.

But I suppose what you guys want to know is why is it being played in the winter of 2022? Well, Qatar in July has daily temperatures of 37C. Which means it would be too hot for them to play football, I mean can you imagine Neymar, he would claim the sun fouled him.

Qatar has had many problems with this World Cup so far. Allegations of corruption and now it’s bringing us a winter World Cup. Usually World Cups mean beer gardens and hot days, this is now going to be replaced with hot chocolate and turkey.

It’s certainly a mad decision, but, I can see why they’ve moved it. The players and fans would suffer. Get ready for a December World Cup guys.

UNSPECIFIED: In this undated computer-generated artists impression provided by 2022 Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the Al Wakrah stadium, a Qatar 2022 World Cup venue to be bulit in Al Wakrah, Qatar. (Illustration provided by 2022 Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy via Getty Images)