New Wireless Festival Regulations Ban Artists From Swearing Or Wear Offensive Clothing

Wireless Festival has been allowed to remain in London’s Finsbury Park, but artists will be asked not to swear or wear “offensive” clothes.

Earlier this week it was announced in the media that the Haringey Council dismissed the The Friends of Finsbury Park group’s efforts to have the music festival’s license completely revoked. Live Nation instead received a set of conditions that would allow them to still have the festival in London only if artists “do not sing or play any vulgar, obscene or banned songs”, as well as carry out any “indecent acts, vulgar gestures, actions or remarks” during their performances.

This is an absurd measure that would completely change the live performances and the festival’s signature. Wireless Festival is a rap festival and this is not a genre known for its ability to censor it’s artists, but on the contrary.

Apart from also receiving new sound level limits and monitoring, the festival will also be cut down short on its last day with a new 21:30PM curfew. The Friends of Finsbury Park complained last year’s  final performance by Drake went over the 10:00PM set limit time.

When asked how it would police the new rules, Festival Republic – which promotes the event – told Newsbeat: “There’s no statement from our side for the time being.”