MIXTAPE REVIEW: D-Block Europe & Yxng Bane – ‘Any Minute Now’

Following the release of their latest track ‘Gucci Mane’ which has created a massive buzz amongst fans, D-Block Europe teamed up with Yxng Bane to drop a surprise joint mixtape ‘Any Minute Now’.

It has been a hugely successful year for both D-Block Europe and Yxng Bane. The rap duo made up of Young Adz and Dirtbike LB have shut down several sell-out shows including Wireless Festival 2018, and the same can be said for Yxng Bane. The solo star has had chart success with ‘Rihanna’ and latest track ‘Vroom Vroom’.

Young Adz and LB give off wavy vibes with catchy hooks and melodic verses, whilst Yxng Bane compliments the whole project and really gels it together with his vocal skills.

There are plenty of “Skrr skrr” adlibs and references to lean

On a whole, the mixtape has an American-trap vibe with a UK twist and a sprinkling of auto-tune, but it genuinely suits them down to a T and they do pull it off. Young Adz in particular, has adopted more of a singing flow in recent years compared to his old material and his unforgettable Fire In The Booth. D-Block Europe has an undeniable chemistry with Yxng Bane and the 10-track mixtape has a clean and tidy production, with beats by Nyge and Nana Rogues.

‘Any Minute Now’, which was released on 20 July, really showcases D-Block Europe’s versatility. You would expect the whole mixtape to be ‘hyped-up’, ‘gassed’ tunes as that is the flow and style they usually convey. The mixtape definitely starts off that way with ‘Gucci Mane’, which sets the foundation for the rest of the tracks that follow – ‘Flights’ and ‘Cocktail’, which keep the momentum going for the duration of the tape.

As we get further in, things switch up with ‘Life’ which personally is my least favourite. It has certain grime elements to it in terms of some of the sounds in the instrumental, and the track has a darker, slower sounding hip-hop beat. But contrary to that, the hook is upbeat with Yxng Bane’s vocals.

I tend to prefer D-Block Europe’s gassed trap tunes, however, they have definitely proved that they are not limited to this style as the next couple of tracks starting with ‘Real Love’, take things to a smoother level with more R&B tones. ‘ILY (Interlude)’ is a full-blown love ballad which kind of breaks up the project before going into ‘Better Than Yours’ and ‘Work’.

‘Work’ is a whole change of concept to the project which I like – the track has a Calypso/Afro Beats sound which is something we have not yet seen D-Block Europe do until now. Personally, I think this one is more suited to the ladies.

Moving into the end of the mixtape, the rappers go back into their element with the last tracks ‘Away’ and ‘Rap Saved Me’.

All in all, it is a pretty sick body of work and is enough to keep you going throughout the whole summer – and probably the year!.. NARSAYYYYE!

Summer Bangers: Gucci Mane, Flights, Cocktail

Personal favourites: Gucci Mane, Flights, Rap Saved Me

Least favourites: Life, ILY

Ones for the ladies: ILY, Work, Away

Ones for the mandem: Gucci Mane, Cocktail, Better Than Yours