M Huncho Makes Double Visuals Release To “Council Flat/Calm Days”

North West London’s breakthrough artists M Huncho has been putting in work ever since stepping in the scene. After releasing his “48 Hours” debut mixtape, which literally was put together in 48 hours, he has been active in UK festivals’ scene this summer and has been shelling down shows.

He returns to close the cycle of visuals for his mixtape and although he had announced via social media he will be releasing the video for “Council Flat”, he never mentioned there will be a bonus at the end with visuals to “Calm Days”.

Directed by Suave, the video takes you through London’s estate scenario and to captions of Huncho in a trapping spot, while opening with the dictionary definition of the title. On a beat produced by Dvtchie, “Council Flat” has been my favourite off the mixtape ever since its launch as M Huncho’s iconic vocal rapping #Trapwave won me over while the message in “Council Flat”is extremely relatable to today’s situation.

After a few moments of the video transitioning, M Huncho steppes in with the visuals to a Swirving produced beat on “Calm Days”. Pictured in a studio pitch black scenario, with light strategically used to emphasise on M Huncho smoking, Suave blends in captions of a car chase, playing on the song’s verses.

“48 Hours” is definitely one of the best projects to have come out this year. Make sure you watch the double  video out now.