Some La Liga Games To Be Played In USA

Football is a universal language it’s spoken from the peaks of the Scottish mountains to the sandy beaches of California.

La Liga announced that they have struck a partnership with media company Relevent, which will last for the next 15 years. Although, we don’t know when or what teams will be playing, it’s become clear that everybody wants to see the El Clasico played in the states.

However, it’s been getting mixed reviews as everybody thinks it will ruin the league and that’s it just for the commercial benefit it can bring for some clubs. Imagine the debate it would bring if the Premier League decided to do something similar?

match, date or season”.

The Spanish players’ union, AFE, said it was against the US game, adding that La Liga had “ignored” the players’ opinions.

“It commits them to events which only benefits La Liga, without taking into account the health of the players and the risks involved for them,” AFE said in a statement.

“Footballers are not currency that can be used in business to only benefit third parties,” added AFE president David Aganzo.


Let us know what you think guys, it’s certainly an interesting one.