Krept And Stormzy Receive Backlash For Dating Light Skin Girlfriends

South London artist, Krept, member of one of UK’s biggest duo in the music scene – Krept and Konan – is currently under a lot of backlash in the social media space for choosing to date a light skin woman.

Rumours were running around the gram that Krept has finally settled down after he shared captions of Instagram blogger @sashaellese and hinting that she is the one. Soon after Krept starting sharing photos of their recent holiday to Greece, followers have interpreted the wrong way a man being proud of his loved one and accused him of colourism for not dating a dark skin woman.

The events come after Krept and Konan have opened a restaurant – “Crepes and Cones” – in South London, Croydon where they chose to hire only black employees and the business tries to cater as much as it can to the community. Stormzy has been the number 1 advocate for supporting black teens and the black community, only recently announcing his Cambridge Scholarship for black students.