Headie One (OFB) was Allegedly Arrested Over False Charges

Tottenham rapper, Headie One, has yet to confirm but a video surfaced on Youtube of his Snapchat story showing him getting arrested over false charges.

The rapper first posted captions of police searching his car and later on, after being released, of him explaining how things went down. Taking from Headie One’s story, police pulled him over “for absolutely no reason”. He was accused and taken to the police station  for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle. While in police custody, the rapper was interrogated over fire arms possesion and received verbal abuse.

The rapper hasn’t made any statement on the situation since and he is yet to confirm that the Snapchat story originated from his account but if this is true, it would stand as evidence for the existent problem in the UK, especially in London, with authorities racial profiling and abusing force.