FILM TRAILER: ‘VS.’ – The UK’s 8Mile

An exciting new feature film will hit our screens next month – a UK battle rap drama, ‘VS.’ – with an appearance from Paigey Cakey.

Co-financed by BBC Films and Lorton Entertainment, with screenplay by British filmmaker, Ed Lilly, the film is a drama surrounding a withdrawn foster kid who is on the edge of self-destruction, but finds his feet – and his voice – in the world of UK battle rap.

The part is played by rising star, British actor – Connor Swindells, and rapper – Paigey Cakey, has a cameo as a battle rapper – Miss Quotes – where she can be seen taking part in one of the rap battles.

Adam Rooney, who plays the film’s villain – Shotty Horroh – is an acclaimed UK battle rapper who has recorded with Deadmaus and performed at some of the biggest rap battle events around the world.

The film will be released on October 19, 2018. Watch the gripping trailer now!