Fifa 19 Has New Features and it’s going to be big

After an endless summer it’s often the case that everybody looks to the cold and dark nights of winter. But, don’t worry my guys because that means one thing. Fifa 19 is on it’s way and that means endless hours of bringing Newport County to the premier league.

Some of the new features coming to this year’s fifa are looking very good. From the brand new kick off mode to the champions league mode that’s got everyone talking.

Kick off mode – 

This year we see kick off mode get a brand new revamp. Now you can have more fun with your friends then ever before, with new modes like ‘Headers and Volleys’ and long shooting games where you can only score from outside the box.

This is something that fifa has needed for a long time and it’s going to be very good.


Champions League mode – 

After UEFA signed a deal with Fifa, we all knew that the official champions league was going to be in the game and that’s something we can’t wait for. Getting to win the champions league and the Europa league is going to be fun.


Chinese Super League – 

All the top players that have gone to this league and now we can play with them. Imagine what this is going to be like for ultimate team.


Career mode/ Journey

Now this is interesting because FIFA are keeping very quiet. But we all know this is a big part of the game and it’s well overdue an upgrade. We are hearing rumours it could be getting one.


Fifa 19 is going to be the best yet and the only sad thing is that we need to wait until the end of September to get our hands on a copy.