Charlie Sloth Announces He Is Leaving The BBC After 10 Years

“After almost 10 years of dedicating my life to BBC Radio 1Xtra and Radio 1 and achieving everything I set out to I’ve decided the time has come to leave the BBC and seek a new challenge.”

…and that is how North West London, Somers Town DJ Charlie Sloth started his announcement of leaving the BBC via his social channels.

“The 8th” and “The Rap Show” presenter has made a huge contribution to UK’s music scene, being one of the biggest advocates for urban music through his Fire In The Booth sessions who has seen the likes of both UK and international big names, gathering million of views on Youtube. Charlie was also recently awarded his 4th Rated Awards “Radio DJ Of The Year”, voted by public’s choice.

Charlie Sloth

Charlie’s announcement comes as a surprise soon after another big name announced leaving the BBC – DJ Semtex. Although Semtex has announced he will be leaving to join Capital XTRA, Charlie is yet to confirm what his next move will be.

So far there have been quite a few speculations from reliable sources that say Charlie will follow Zane Lowe’s steps and host a show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Considering he owns the Fire In The Booth franchise, it is great to think what he could accomplish if he takes the concept with him.

Nonetheless Charlie’s “The 8th” will air on November 1 while the final “The Rap Show” will air on November 3, making this the DJ’s final appearance on the BBC network.