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  • Interview: Carns Hill keeps it in the family first

    Interview: Carns Hill keeps it in the family first

    (Photography by Shomokeh Gould) For as long as I can remember I’ve been hanging around in studios. Ever since I became a failed rapper (there’s a lot of us) I have carried on hanging around in studios knowing that this music thing was the life I was going to lead professionally. Rap and hip-hip culture has been a massive part of my life ever since childhood so I always knew that I would one day be earning my crust within […]

  • Bonkaz Vs The Sun

    Bonkaz Vs The Sun

    It was only a couple mornings ago I was having a rant on the timeline about UK Emcees becoming more famous than they have even been. This was in response to the news of C-Biz Beating his murder case & DVS getting sentenced to 23 years imprisonment for rape/torture being published on a variety of mainstream news websites the same day. Yesterday afternoon “The Sun” (The second largest newspaper in the UK) decided they would attack rising star The Chicken […]



    As we are fast approaching the end of the year we thought it would be nice to shed some light on the highest downloaded mixtapes for each month throughout the year. January – Liverpool’s Aystar kicked off the year with “Scousematic” after dropping an array of hits during the summer including “2 on (ft Safone)” & “Oh No freestyle” which have now both surpassed 1 Million views each on youtube! Well Done Aystar, We look forward to hearing what 2017 […]

  • Watch how Steely VSOP Made Gfrsh – Yeah

    Watch how Steely VSOP Made Gfrsh – Yeah

  • Familiar or na? #Hdvsnblogs

    Familiar or na? #Hdvsnblogs

    So I was scrolling along my timeline as you do when this popped up: https://twitter.com/Pippatweets_/status/664257114009903106 @konanplaydirty @kreptplaydirty if y'all wanna get on the phone and go over the #facts, Let's!!! #AllLove over here! #YouKnowTheName DM — Willie Taylor (@WillieTaylor) November 11, 2015 So then I went on youtube to have a listen for myself and see what the fuss is all about: I didnt have to refer back to the original to hear the similarities but incase you want to […]

  • All the banter from last night – Bugzy Malone Vs Chip

    All the banter from last night – Bugzy Malone Vs Chip

    During the recent turn of events with Chip, Bugzy Malone, Tinie Tempah and everybody else who have sent diss tracks within the last 24hrs. we bring you all the funniest tweets from amongst the war. on our timeline it all started with this: basically everybody waiting on chip lool — Hoodtapes Official (@hoodtapesuk) October 21, 2015 once it was clear chip was running on “black mans time” the tweets, memes and vines started flooding in: https://twitter.com/kleeldn/status/656963647240040449 Even other artists joined […]