C-Biz Walk In With The “Drip” In New Visuals

North West London’s rapper C-Biz makes his return with some cold visuals to his latest release – “Drip”. The audio to the track was released not too long ago and it already had everyone buzzing. Now, the fresh cut visuals are finally here.

In an Etim Exkluse Motion Picture production and visuals by B Dot, C-Biz is seen in notorious lavish scenarios, in the company of attractive female models, wearing designer outfits and surrounded by luxury. Featuring an upbeat tempo and a lively instrumental, C Biz showcases his flexing punchlines and catchy verses about the way him and his crew carry themselves around.

After releasing bangers like “The Game’s Mine”, “Money March”,”Big Bizness” and more, it was obvious C Biz would make a strong comeback and “Drip” does not disappoint.