Bonkaz Vs The Sun

It was only a couple mornings ago I was having a rant on the timeline about UK Emcees becoming more famous than they have even been. This was in response to the news of C-Biz Beating his murder case & DVS getting sentenced to 23 years imprisonment for rape/torture being published on a variety of mainstream news websites the same day. Yesterday afternoon “The Sun” (The second largest newspaper in the UK) decided they would attack rising star The Chicken Connoisseur (TCC) for featuring UK Rapper Bonkaz in his latest episode of “The Pengest Munch”:

Shortly after the article was published (See above) there was a huge uproar with the majority of people upset at how the headline and article was Defaming “TCC’s” character  with images of him and the main headline “Sidekick unmasked as violent paedophile” which bonkaz supporters, artists and industry peers were upset with. Since then, Bonkaz has replied to all the negativity by doing what he does best….Dropping new songs:

I’m glad to see both lads seem unfazed by the negative press, and I’m also glad that so many people sent messages to The Sun to show them this type of reporting will not be accepted.