Blade Brown is Back with Fire Track ‘12 Summers’

Blade Brown is back with a bang as he comes through with a fire track – ‘12 Summers’.

The tight-knit production is taken from his highly-anticipated fourth mixtape – ‘Bags & Boxes 4’ – which he has yet to release.

Every trapper’s favourite rapper, Blade, has some pretty slick visuals to go with the track. Shot in LA, California, Blade looking drippy as ever, can be seen cruising around Beverly Hills down Rodeo Drive in a black drop top Porsche rolling through the high-end designer shops and fine dining in Nobu. He opens up the tune by rapping: “I be chilling on Rodeo courtesy of the Yayo”.

The track has a fair bit of American influence behind it from the heavy Trap Hip-Hop beat – produced by Show N Prove – to the visual production (The Plug Adapter), but Blade keeps it real with his raw lyrics and his signature grizzly tone. The beat is a greezy one that’s sure to get you gassed up (and wishing you had the sauce that Blade Brown did), and let’s face it, he has been truly missed since he ghosted briefly.

However, this absolute belter has left fans begging for the release of ‘Bags & Boxes 4’ which is due to drop any time now.

It’s safe to say Blade never really left!