about us

Hoodtapes began as the result of some hopeful youths chasing their musical dreams and facing many obstacles along the way. With a love for a wide variety of music, but a passion for the urban genre, an issue they found common amongst the scene confronted them.

This was a platform to display this genre and give the UK urban music scene a chance to develop. The ages of the genres artists and fans can vary from early teens to middle aged, giving vast opportunities for progression.

The UK urban genre has developed majorly and will continue to do so, even creating its own subgenres of music (Grime, Dubstep and UK Rap being prime examples).

With an almost cult following that social networking has brought forth, the increasing use of such platforms as Youtube (for visual aspects) and Soundcloud (for audio aspects of usually singular records) have created a demand for a place to display larger collections of songs (Such as Albums, E.P’s and mixtapes).

Hoodtapes LTD was founded in 2010 by Gregory Nicholls and Courtney Smith, who were both part of a successful independent production company for ten and seven years respectively. The company has slowly developed, with its yearly downloads reaching 1.5 million and counting in its current 3rd year. Working mostly on small scale unsigned musical acts and the occasionally signed acts, Hoodtapes gained a positive reputation for its reliability within the urban music industry.

Following these successes, the company shareholders came to the conclusion that Hoodtapes LTD had grown sufficiently to begin altering its original primary goals from providing a basic free music distribution website, to the broader scale of providing a platform to showcase music.

We have begun implementing these changes.