17 Year Old Girl Dies on Tottenham Street Following Gunshot

A teenage girl has become the latest victim to be murdered on London’s streets amid a deadly crime spree which has gripped the capital and claimed 47 lives. The seventeen-year-old girl who was shot by drive-by gunmen ‘for no reason at all’ and died in her mother’s arms in London: Teenager becomes the capital’s 37th murder victim in just TWO MONTHS Victim of drive-by shooting died in her mother’s arms in Tottenham last night In a second attack in Walthamstow at 10pm, two boys were critically injured One, a 16-year-old boy, was shot and another, a 17-year-old boy, was stabbed Deadly crime spree gripping the capital has led to 47 deaths on London’s streets A teenager died in her mother’s arms as she become the latest victim in a deadly postcode war which has gripped the capital. The youngster, named as Tanesha, had left her home in Tottenham in north London moments before a car pulled up and fired a bullet into her chest at 9.35pm last night.