#12World S1 x Sav12 Jump On Next Up Season 1 Finale

S1 and Sav12, key members of West London’s Sheppard Bush collective #12World have been shelling the music scene all 2018, consistently releasing projects and gathering million of views. Their fan base is constantly growing and the demand for them to jump on a Next Up session has been overwhelming.

It seems that Mixtape Madness listened and brought the two rappers in for their first season finale – very good way to finish off a season full of killer freestyles. On the firsts beat produced by Madara and second one produced by CZR, S1 and Sav12 murder their delivery, showing how much they have come to master their craft. The collective is not shy with their content and throw in a sick wordplay and hella punchlines – “queen Elizabeth chaser”.

With bangers like “Menaces 2 Society” and “Mami”, and now Next Up, #12World prove they are serious about their work, with people noticing the always improving sound.